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AQ-Used is the solution for AdeQuate used equipment for all sorts of cleaning activities. AQ does not only stand for AdeQuate, but also for A-Quality: the best from us, for you!

Only 20 minutes from Amsterdam (Airport Schiphol) you can find our office.
We guarantee you qualitatively good and reliable products, with which you can manage every job. We will help you to find the suitable equipment for you and your job. Of course we can help you out in case of urgencies. We are able to give you this (quick) service due to a wide program, our professional team, and our broad knowledge of the market and the products.

Our wide range of available occasion cleaning units provides you a selection of:

• Sweepers
• Gully emptiers
• High pressure- hotwaterunits
• (Ultra) High pressure units
• Water jetting trucks
• Air displacement trucks
• Vacuum trucks
• Combi trucks
• Special vehicles

To put it briefly; you want to buy AdeQuate and A-Quality used cleaning equipment, we arrange everything for you... quickly, properly and economically!

If you need more detailed (technical) information or you want to know more about the available occasions, you can call 0031 (0) 72 540 6699 or send an e-mail to  

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