KOKS EcoVac ADR Combi - vacuum truck


Body work:  
Type:EcoVac ADR Combi
Sludge tank:

12.000 Liter, ss316L 

Service water tank:1.200 Liter 
Spray water tank:7.000 Liter 
Vacuum pump:Liquid ring
Capacity:3.000 m3/h
High pressure pump:WOMA 1853 P55

330 L/min. at 210 bar

Compressor:200 m3/h at 2,5 bar for discharging purposes 


Type:Actros 4141 Lena 8x4B
 Suitable for 

The KOKS EcoVac pressure/vacuum truck is perfect

for day-to-day suction, discharging and tranportation activities,

general industrial cleaning of for use in the (petro)

chemical industry and in refineries.

 Price:Available on request.


The Koks vacuum truck is deployed on behalf of sucking and transport of liquids, gasses and sludge. Thanks to the vacuum pump (2.400 m3/h), the substance in question will be sucked in less than no time. The ADR addition indicates that the Koks EcoVac is suited for sucking and transport of hazardous substances like a.o. combustibles and oil. In case hazardous substances are to be sucked and the emissions are not clean enough, the Koks return air cleaner/Scrubber  can be connected to the vacuum truck. In this way the exhaust air can be washed and be released from the return air cleaner in a purified condition. The Koks vacuum truck consists of a pressure/vacuum tank with a volume of 12 m³ and the inner tank is made of stainless steel AINSI 316 grade. The vacuum truck is provided with a high pressure pump with hose reel and HP gun on behalf of hosing a.o. the suction hoses and the rear door.



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KOKS EcoVac ADR Combi - vacuum truck

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