ROM COMPACT PRO 300/30 "Artic Edition" (S/N:172336)

Technische specificaties

Technical specifications

Name: ROM COMPACT PRO 300/30 (Diesel) "Artic edition"(S/N 172336)
Engine: 19 kW / 25 hp D1105
Start system: Electric start system
Pump: Speck 300 bars - 30 l/min
HP hot water unit: 70kW "Commercial design", incl. plateau, 40m. 3/8" heat resistant hose and funnel. Complete package integrated onto second reel of HP machine.
Tank capacity: 400l
HP reel: Hydraulically driven HP reel, incl. extendable hose guiding system
HP sewer jetting hose: 60m. 3/8"
Filling hose reel: Manually operated water filling hose reel
Water filling hose: 50m. 3/4''
Equipped with a seperate 30l. fuel tank (wall mounting)
Colour: Frame in anthracite gray (RAL 7016), design bonnet delivered standardly in Pure orange (RAL 2004)
Options (included):

  • - Electrical radio remote control Professional-Remote ("In- & Outdoor"), 8 buttons with pressure on/off, (vacuum on/off) infinite speed control, emergency stop and battery charger for transmitte.
  • - Dry run protection for HP pump in combination with hydraulically driven reel.
  • - Bypass switch dry run protection.
  • - Hour counter.
  • - Installation kit, consisting of e.g. galvanised mounting plates, assembly items, stainless steel exhaust pipe, bandage and connectors

  • Condition:


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ROM COMPACT PRO 300/30 "Artic Edition" (S/N:172336)

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