ROM SmartTrailer 150/40 - Expert

Technische specificaties





ROM SmartTrailer 150/40 with bonnet

(RAL 9010 - pure white), electric start

:150 bar - 40l/min
Engine:18hp / 13,2kW B&S VANGUARD petrol engine
Pump:Speck 150 bar - 40l/min 
HP-Hose:80m. instead of 50m. 1/2" HP sewer jetting hose.
Tank capacity
:400 l.
  • Manually operated water filling hose reel with
  • 50m. 3/4'' filling hose (ND20).
  • Dry run protection for HP pump.



  • Nose wheel with safety stop instead of pole for optimal manoeuvring, including mounting.
  • Spraygun with lance 70cm. and flatspray nozzle.
  • Nozzle storage rack mounted on installation. 
  • Electrical radio remote control Smart-Remote, 3 buttons


View this machine?

The trailer is located in our showroom at the Harselaarseweg 63 in Barneveld (Holland).


More information?
View here our product page ór contact us: +31 (0)342 49 04 17 /


Note: Our stocks change regularly. Therefore the image is just an impression. The actual version can be seen on location. Printing errors and technical changes reserved. Images may differ. Copyright ROM bv 1/2012.

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ROM SmartTrailer 150/40 - Expert

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