ROM Vacuum unit 1200 pick-up (S/N 161916, 161917)


Technical specification  
Name:ROM Vacuum unit 1200 pick-up 
Engine:13hp / 9,6kW Honda petrol 
Pump:MEC 4000, cap. 4350 ltr/min 

1200 ltr 



  • Vacuum unit, Long-model
  • Designer engine/pump cover with hinged lid, orange colour (RAL 2004) 


  • Manually operated reel for suction hose 



  • HI-VAC 2''x 18.3 meters complete with valve and suction pipe  
Drain valve oil separator (S/N 161916)
Drain valve moisture separator (S/N 161916)
Additional oil reservoir (S/N 161916)
Long Life upgrade kit for vacuum pump RV5200 / MEC 4000 to significantly extend the effective running time (only on S/N 161917)


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This vacuum unit (S/N 161916 and 161917) is located in our showroom at the Harselaarseweg 63 in Barneveld (Holland).


More information?
View here our product page ór contact us: +31 (0)342 49 04 17 /

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ROM Vacuum unit 1200 pick-up (S/N 161916, 161917)


ROM Vacuum unit 1200 pick-up (S/N 161916, 161917)

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